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Payment Options

Being easy with your online shopping experience is what we are looking for in our store. We offer multiple payment options, allowing for cards and service. Here are a few payment details available in our shop with advanced security functions. We accept American Express, Credit/Debit (MasterCard and Visa Card) PayPal, Apple Pay, Discover, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Diners Club and Gift Cards.  You can view all your purchases and manage your invoices, as you wish under My Account when you register and become a site member. Some of these payments below are available and some are temporarily unavailable. 

And you can also buy our gift card and use it as an option to pay.

Payment Types

There are a few steps

 Select the available options at the checkout.  If you are an existing customer, you can login with your user details and confirm payment. If you are a newcomer, you can create an account and validate the payment.  You will return to the main page as your playout is complete. May discontinue some of these services or payment options.

Encrypted transaction for your protection

We guarantee the security of your data. All information is sent in encryption to ensure the full security of sensitive information. Learn more about our Privacy Policy. Modify when submitting your order. If your card transaction is approved, the price will be booked immediately, and an order confirmation will be sent to your email address. Your card will be charged when your order is sent out. In the event your card transaction is not approved, your order will be cancelled. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your bank or card supplier.


The shipment of the goods will be made to the address indicated by the Distributor at the time of purchase and enables the shipment of the goods to their End Customers. Shipping hours will be posted on the Web site. These may vary according to the types of payment cards.

KODURG provides a variety of transport options. The availability of these will depend on destination and the goods being shipped.
Shipment times will depend on the destination and transport option selected.
The timelines provided are estimates and are not restrictive. Any delay in the delivery time does not give the Distributor the right to claim any direct or indirect damages, reject the order or suspend compliance of any obligation, especially the payment.

If necessary, the Distributor shall be responsible for communicating with its customers to provide the consignor with all the information necessary for the delivery.

KODURG will take full responsibility for the total or partial non-delivery, or the delay of its obligations to the Distributor if this is caused by an unforeseen event or an act of God which affects KODURG and their providers or shippers equally. These include strikes, other labour or industry events, lack of, or impossibility of acquiring, products, etc. Your order needs delivery or your money-back guarantee.


Once the registration process has been completed on our system, the order s placed automatically by the following means:

Electronic Commerce: Through the website by following the established purchasing process.

Through the tools offered in the pack or system purchased.

The making of a purchase by the Distributor supposes their full acceptance of the prices, the description of the products for sale and the current General Conditions. In order for the order to be affected, the Distributor must receive an express confirmation from KODURG Ltd. All orders are subject to the availability of the items.

Our products are proposed within the limits of stock availability as indicated on the website. Advice on product availability is only shown to our wholesale clients after they have initiated their session on KODURG Ltd. All errors or modifications of an exceptional nature are beyond our control and do not imply any responsibility on the part of KODURG Ltd. Should a product be unavailable once the order has been made, we will inform you by email of any delay, partial delivery, or cancellation of the product.

Product preparation time is indicated next to its availability. Preparation time relates only to working days. Most products require a preparation time of 24/48 hours. KODURG Ltd will attempt to dispatch orders within the time indicated but, on occasion, there may be delays which are beyond our control, and these will not be eligible for any type of refund. Any preparation time which is longer than 24/48 hours is estimated, and KODURG Ltd cannot guarantee estimated dispatch times will be met.

KODURG Ltd reserves the right to modify the design of the products and/or the packaging of these as part of its ongoing improvement as well as to make them more marketable and will always guarantee that product quality will be the same or improved.


The prices exposed in the include VAT or any other tax. Both shipping charges and the corresponding VAT will be calculated and added to the end of the order.

The price of the items does not include advice, installation, training, or any other type of technical support, other than that which is specified in the guaranteed agreement as described in these General Conditions.

The prices included in KODURG Ltd e-commerce are subject to variations without prior notice, as are the technical specifications.

 If the Distributor makes an order for products with the incorrect price, KODURG Ltd will communicate the correct price and, in this event, its agreement to process the order if the Distributor expressly confirms acceptance of the correct price.

The availability of these payment methods depends on the type of service or product that is being paid for and the geographical location of the buyer or recipient.

The use of any of these payment methods is deemed as acceptance of the condition’s association with them.

With the aim of improving the user experience, KODURG Ltd reserves the right to activate a payment agreement through PayPal if the client selects this payment method. The client can request the cancellation of the payment or can cancel it from their own PayPal account.

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